TSX Micro

Modicon TSX Micro - Compact, modular PLC up to 484 I/O

  • Memory up to 128k words
  • Less than 0.15 µs/inst
  • Extended application-specific functions: Counting/position control, Analogue/PID, Maths functions, Fuzzy logic, etc.
  • Multi-task application software with event-triggered functions
  • Several sensor/actuator Bus networks and Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Total protection of user know-how, data, PLC peripherals
You can manage a machine bus with a TSX3720 PLC and a CANopen PCMCIA board in a PL7 environment.


The automation platform designed to enhance your system’s performance


With Micro’s accuracy, flexibility and increased productivity, you have a real partner at the heart of the machine. A remarkable low-cost response to market constraints, TSX Micro offers machine manufacturers and End Users the diversity and the modularity required to maximise their expertise.
  • Machine & manufacturing control
  • Infrastructures