ATV 61



Specification:Drive overload capacity is  120% to 130% of nominal drive current for 60seconds,  Both sink/source mode, 6 Digital Input, 2 Analog Input, 2 Analog Output, 2 programmable Relay Output, Widest voltage input, Integrated EMC Filter, Integrated Modbus & CAN open, option for CAN open daisy chain,Profibus DP,Device Net ,Working temperature  from-10 ~ +50 , up to 60 .

Type of Control: Standard (V/F) Pattern, Variable Torque,Sensorless Flux Vector Control, Constant Torque control, Energy Saving ratio and vector control without speed feedback.

Application:Range dedicated to pump and fan applicationsfor the industry and building markets.Exceptional performances, advanced functionalities, High performance variable torque applications.

Energy Saving: It enables a reduction in energy consumption of up to 30% depending on Application characteristics